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Conception and hosting of the website

Conception, designing and hosting of the website is made by the company

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The website owner is alone responsible for the informations and services given. Indicated prices are given on an indicative basis only. However, the ESF Font Romeu is doing it's best to making sure informations are exact and kept updated on the website. Even though informations can be corrected anytime without warning.

So then, the ESF Font Romeu warm visitors to be careful of the information and to make sure of their exactitude by contacting the company. Consequently, the ESF Font Romeu declines all responsibility: for all imprecision, inaccuracy or omission on the information available on the website ; for all damage resulting from a deceptive intrusion from a third party which lead to a modification of the available information on the website ; more generally for all damages, directly or indirectly, in any cases or origins, nature and consequences, made by anyone accessing to the website or the incapacity to access, as well as the use of the website and/or credibility for any information coming from the website directly or indirectly.

Moreover, except for contrary mentions, intellectual property on the websites' documents and each elements made for this website is an exclusive property of the ESF Font Romeu or it's supplier, which don't give any other licences or right than the viewing of the website.
Reproduction of every documents published on the website is only accepted for information purposes only or for a personal and private use. All reproduction and use of copies made for any other purposes are specifically forbidden. All marques named in this website are owned by their own respective company.
All products, logos and pictures named in the website's pages are owned by their own respective company.

Utilisation of personal data

Information gathered by the ESF Font Romeu are voluntarily registered by the visitor's email, allowing them to get documents or inquired on any point. Those informations are not made public and communicated to a third party.

Intellectual property

The whole website is abiding the French and international Law on intellectual right and intellectual property. Any representation, reproduction, modification, commercial use as well as any transfer to any other website is forbidden. Except if permission is granted by mail at the address mentioned above. Personal and private use only are allowed. 

Hypertexts link (responsability)

ESF Font Romeu is not responsible for the content of the website coming from the hypertexts link present on the website and sending visitors there. All person real or legal wishing that an hypertext link is made on, should ask permission. Making an hypertext link toward our website doesn't require any authorization. The ESF Font romeu can't be responsible for those cases.