Club Piou-Piou

Let the fun begin!
Our kindergarten is a well equipped secure and safe area giving your children the best environment to learn to ski. It has been voted as one of the best French kindergarten by the FAMILLE PLUS label.

It is equipped with 2 conveyors making ski learning easier and a platter lift. Within the safe and secure environment of the garden, your child will progress at their pace and acquire the basic skills for them to progress on their skis.

Your children will meet our mascots: Sifflote the Marmot, Titourson the Bear Cub, Blanchot the Rabbit, Garoloup the Wolf and of course Piou-Piou the gang leader!

  • Carré Neige Insurance is not included in the lesson fee.
  • Children won't be needing a lift pass

Dates & Times2018/2019

DATES                                                                   LOW SEASON                                                        HIGH SEASON
                                                                          06.01.18/02.02.19                                                 23.12.18/05.01.19
                                                                         17.03.19/31.03.19                                                   03.02.19/16.03.19 
Morning                                                               9h15/11h15                                                           9h15/11h15
Midday                                                                  13h/15h00                                                            13h/15h00
Afternoon                                                                                                                                        *  15h00/17h00
* only available during school holidays

PRICES  -  Ski group lessons2018.2019

 Sunday to Friday         LOW SEASON        season
6 days in a row - 2 hours / day -since sunday or monday-129 € 169 €
5 days in a row  - 2 hours / day - since monday129 € 169 €
6 days in a row- 4 hours/day - since sunday227€ 299€
outside school holidays: 1 children group lesson of 6 days purchased = 50% discount on 1 adult group lesson of 6 days.
1 lesson - 2 hours40 € 40€
* only during holidays